Monday, August 9, 2010

Once upon a time..

Hello, I write in after ages today. The reason, well, I read the newspaper after ages too. I was alarmed at the chaos that I had missed in my most favorite city in the world, New Delhi.

You know, I wonder sitting here in the comfort of the most advanced country across the globe, where does the chaos back home stop. Yes, I'm referring to the broken roads, the recent mishaps, the corruption at large. Do you think once upon a time, there was a Delhi minus the great chaos. The roads were just as polished, the word corruption was not known to Delhites, men didn't know the meaning of rape and the economy was not just an eye wash? Did we deserve the freedom that we got, or we never prepared to be free from the colonial rule? Or is this what happens to countries after years and years of colonial rule? When did we learn about bribes, economic disparity?

Its so sad how it all seems like a vicious circle. We may boast about having the best brains across the world, but none of us would like to step in to the political mess that our country most suffers from. Some of us may even blow the whistle, but the whistle will only be a whisper in a population of billions. All of us, and by that I mean the service class would rather concentrate on their own business rather than plunge in to the muddy racket. What's despairing is that we lack nothing. We are all smart, well aware, even talented and gifted, far beyond the outside world( and I say this by my little exposure), then what is it that we can really do for our country?

I always thought that privatization was a good idea, I thought it could make money transparent, but unfortunately people have found loop holes to make money there then what is the solution?

I think the answer lies in the "Once upon a Delhi"...while I figure this out, you all can do your bit by pouring in some thoughts. What can you and I do?

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