Tuesday, August 10, 2010

News in a day..

Today as I went through the newspaper second day in a row, I realized why my interest levels are so low in the nation wide news in India as a whole. Just notice how there is such little mention given to scientific research and inventions. The newspaper is plastered with the dismal image of our country. There is hardly any news about any kind of progress.

The news talks about 333 projects being put on hold burdening our economy with 50,000 crores. They talk about this number like its just a 50,000 minus the crores. It talks about murders, people gone missing, how Ratan Tata wants to clarify that the heir of his empire will not be an anti or pro Parsi, Mamata Banarejee wanting to talk to the Maiosts. I mean is that all that there really is to our country? And knowing all this how does one still want to read the newspapers everyday?

On the other hand, once you open the Delhi times, it seems more ironical than anything to see how many crores individuals are ready to shell on the making of a movie. You see bright young faces unfazed with any knowledge of what runs on the main pages. How does the same newspaper make it all possible in a days edition? I wonder..

Inspite of all the ugliness that the main page throws in your face, there are still smiling faces in the same edition. While the rains and the uncleared gutters of Delhi have now started the dengue fever, I'm sure each time you look out of your car, or go to the gallis of Adhchini, you will find a group of street children playing in the mud and enjoying the same rain that will now cause an epidemic. You will still find young DU and JNU students rallying in their campus, knowing how ugly the political scene in our country can get. Its strange how in our country people still string on to something called "hope". And I don't mean that in a bad way since I'm an eternal optimist.( Despite my crazy mood swings).

I wonder if the newspapers threw more light on progress rather than the deep running regression, then may be like a wand from the book secret, everything in our country would change too. It's just a funny thought but think about it, doesn't all the negativity just pull you down rather than bring you up. Look at the boastful movie stars, don't their gleaming smiles only raise them to different heights of stardom? Well, it may be a childish thought considering newspapers are only suppose to report. But what if...?


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  1. LOL!!! I LOVE the new you, I wish you had these thoughts when you were actually back in India.. But what's awesome is that after that cynical and depressing vignette, which made me think a lot btw, you end it with an excited "Cheers!!" :P

    LOL and LMAO