Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Well behaved women never made history

This is the banner on my closet in my room in New Delhi. I grew up with this saying coined by Mario Shiver on one of the Oprah shows. And I sit here wondering about it right now.

I just switched off the telly after watching a show on "Behind the music" show where Pink talks about her rebellious life. It just re-instated the saying all over again.

Honestly, I have been anything but well behaved all my life. I can't talk about any success story of my own so far except how much fun it is to be a little insane. I've had these wild times growing up where any cause could stir a volcano in my life. Like while growing up I gave my parents hell, they often smelt smoke from Tees, complained about my late night chats or outings, which I conveniently blamed on the male company I kept. I also sneaked out at night just to have some fun. I was constantly in trouble with my folks about having a different philosophy in life. They didn't approve much about my talent or the social causes I once in a while indulged in. They didn't believe I would ever do any good to the world. While growing up, I was also kicked out of many groups for being an extremist. Yeah I had my strong opinions about loyalty and friendship too. My folks back in office hated my guts and I was more than often in huge fights. I was always flamboyant and did everything from making sales calls to presentations on my own grounds.

But looking back at all that, I can only tell you one thing, try it. Its so much fun. You live on the edge, and once you know that you have no one to cover your back, it makes you so much stronger. I'm so proud to be in the "well behaved women never made history" category I can't tell you. The thrills of life are just unbeatable compared to the lowest points that you may face.

Like they say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Not everyone has to be so foolish hardy but for those of you who have been are probably in my core circle today. So let's do what we do the best : MISBEHAVE!



  1. love it...!!!!!
    and im sure you've made enough history already....
    keep it up....!!!!!!

  2. I can attest to thefact that you were, are and will always be anything but a well behaved lady!

  3. Hehe..thank u..and will definitely keep it up ;)

  4. I like not just the post.. I like the attitude ;)
    and let me say it again... it is a great blog. So like a page-turner.

  5. Morningstar: Page-turner..oops..its a blog not a novel :P!