Monday, August 16, 2010

Old Melodies

Have you wondered about why we ever had to grow up? Why is there no never never land like in Peter Pan?
How many of us walk different streets humming the same old melodies taking us back in a time where we knew nothing about money, jobs, news or any such realities?

This weekend I had a chance to live it up again like a child. Yesterday was spent in doing absolutely nothing. Well nothing that would affect the economy or any other human being. I spent the day lazing around, munching on unhealthy food, drinking nothing but juice and hold on to your breath, I went to the swings :)

Yes, since yesterday happened to be one windy day with the sun playing hide and seek in the clouds, I decided to reunite with nature. My hubby gladly held on to my hand and let me do what I do best, indulging in childhood acts. I ran along a stream with my arms wide open and my face hitting against the wind. I also went on the swings and decided to swing with my feet up in the air. I haven't had enough of the swings since as a child I was plump and was often embarrassed standing in queue waiting for my turn at the swings, often afraid someone would call me "that fat gal might break the swings"! Well, I didn't have a care in the world yesterday where there was no one to see me. I sang my favorite songs, sitting on benches and smoking my ciggis. I also thought about my friends in different parts of the world right now.

I wonder could it be possible, that at the same time right then, my friends were doing just the same? (Since we were all just as crazy!) Were we singing the same old melodies, and being flooded by the same rush of emotions? And just like that, I felt so connected. It was so peaceful.

So, if you've read this today. Try it. It brings such immense bliss and guess what it doesn't cost money or time. Just a simple walk, light breeze and your favorite melody!


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  1. I know..some times when i listen to the songs in that album "best friends" i remember our happy times in madras and then a few songs by beatles and elvis presley makes me reminisce our times while growing up..then metallica always reminds me of rathin, gnr reminds me of my formative years with u, preeti didi ,nene and led zep takes me back a few years where life was a lil more stable. The good part is all these songs only remind me of the good times iv had and gives me a reason to cherish the old melodies forever.