Saturday, August 14, 2010

When Tigers become Kittens

Everyone in our country has been a witness to "Tigers become kittens". Yes, the best of our men and women have been crumbled to pieces with situations, sometimes controllable and sometimes uncontrollable. In our country the value of life and talent is treated the same way we treat insects in a pothole.

We read about deaths by suicide because someone couldn't face up to the hard realities and then you read about murders by thieves, politicians and sometimes even the police. Why couldn't there just be a traditional way of GOD. A traditional way of situations..LIFE.

Life has a way of humbling you at times. Just when you think you have the perfect life, you may find yourself in relationship troubles, sickness of your loved ones or even unjustified criminal charges against you, this is when Tigers become kittens. Imagine being threatened for your entire family for merely doing the best job you ever did or someone else could ever do. It requires guts but then there comes a time when you trade the guts for your loved ones. I'm sure every IPS or IAS officer in our country has faced that. So, there "Tigers become kittens". Imagine a doctor being the best in his field but losing his patient on his operating table. A mother losing her son for teaching him the true value of honesty and bravery to nothing but a man-made created war. 

Now remember a time when you had to face up to a situation only to lose face with no one but yourself. Its not shameful..its just life. Why can't our politicians do themselves some good, and retire pre-maturely. Let our generation take over. We don't want a democracy do we? We have our freedom, we want clean living environments where we can travel without fear and every individual is able to sustain for themselves. We don't want a policeman looking after us, we want to look after ourselves. We don't want to cheat, we want to work and work to the best of our potential. We don't want a fear of a judicial system, we want to be the judiciary.

Most importantly..we don't want to be kittens in our own territory..we want to be the Tigers..

Think about it..


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  1. On this line "We don't want a democracy do we? We have our freedom" from your post .....

    are you kidding !!! Democracy it self gave you the right to post this know.

    Just imagine life without democracy!! India's best part is its democracy .

    Rest all is worth giving a thought in your blog above , above not this line ..just think on it with a empty mind ..cheers!!!