Wednesday, July 21, 2010

X-treme Ambition

How many of you suffer from a burning desire? Is there a passion that explodes in your vein. I suffer from it. BIG-TIME.

I sat down today and realized that my holidays just ended. When did I slip in to redundancy? I can blame a whole bunch of the Indian society which has driven me to a point of content. Having the perfect husband in a perfect household environment. But none of this has been able to vanquish my need to make it BIG.

What is BIG? Don't start defining it in your average terms of making a living which fulfills your entertainment. I thought I'd left sub-standard living long back, but it turns out, I've been wasting time as being someone who is just average.

How do you thrive in sub-standard environments. When did I lose myself to complacency? I hated that word. Where has my ambition disappeared?

Well X-treme ambition calls for extreme measures. And there will be a few changes in my life from here-on. I need to find illustrators and publishers to get me on the roll.

So for those of you who tune in today. Pour in your ideas and resurrect me from my ambitious death. I'll do my part from here on.



  1. I find that my need to do something worthwhile and BIG, my ambition, is the cause of my complacency. I just don't know where to start! or how to do it. so i don't. but I'm not happy about it. I don't want a comfortable life. It's too easy. born into luxury, what good is it to live it? How do we do it Suchi?!

  2. My definition of BIG is doing something intelligent, I always felt if you do that one thing, put your heart into it and do it right, it was my BIG accomplishment in a small way.

    Now I see my life, days, weeks and then months fly by in a job which is making me rich experientially but is not doing much to my so called intelligent learning process, I would love to be a fashion stylist or a fitness trainer, who knows may be a chef, but at this point in my life when I realize that i am a newly turned adult, who seems to be an economic liability on my parent, my ambition becomes to sustain myself without getting uncalled pity from others.

    I need to take responsibility of my life that is my true ambition. Whether I take a risk or not, i should be able to accept it as my choice, as my decision. I thus cannot define ambition in terms of money or career. I would much rather define it in terms of life, living a responsible life for myself is my ambition

  3. @Lauren: I'm looking everywhere, to find where to start. I know what you mean, when you say being born in to comfort. Unfortunately my friend, where you n I are, there is no need for a revolution. We need to keep looking.
    @Bakshi: Question at your business then?
    @Shaivi: There is still time, the passion will burn you from inside, till you will have to succumb to it, wait for it sister. We share the same blood.