Friday, July 23, 2010


This blog will be dedicated to Alexander the great. After drinking up way too much yesterday, I somehow got obsessed with him. I was in a super-euphoric mood. And somehow I tried making sense out of what it was that drove him to conquer "ends of the world and the great outer see". I also questioned a culture under democracy and the culture under an empire. Think about it, how much of a culture has our democracy given us. What do we really do in a democracy. We borrow cultures, don't we? And how come if it is a democracy, your soul is pretty much still sold to the company you work for? Aren't business men more like the "rulers" today?

Well, all this in a state of high, got me to a point, where I wanted to be a ruler. Now, don't get me wrong, I was not going to be the great "H", as we don't mention him in German. I was in my head the woman who ruled every land she walked on. This is what was open to my interpretation. There are various ways of ruling a land. There is the money aspect which makes your life so much easier and then there is a different aspect, it is called ruling the heart to rule the land. Yes, I made up all this in my head after a few drinks and scribbled on a note-pad.

How does one rule without money or inheritance? The best answer I can propose to you from my little experience is "Education". A good education raises your bar of exposure and intelligence by many fold. If used properly in todays time, you do become the ruler automatically. Every organization that you work for, believe me will value you, wherever you travel people will respect you and listen to you. You will spread your own culture in a way. Also educated people don't adapt to what they are presented with, they mold it with their knowledge and implement it in the way they see it as practical.

So, yeah today, culture may not seem as important to us as technology, but may be that is not such a bad thing, its a part of evolution. And though I may be unaware of cultural value, I already form a cult in itself. Who knows?

But what is definitely worth a thought is that what drove Alexander to his conquests? ;)


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  1. your post somehow made me think about how can one rule with/without money.

    I don't know why but I read a quote yesterday which i wanna quote
    "The reasonable man always adapts to the world. the unreasonable man tries that the world adapts to him. Any progress in this world is thanks to the unreasonable man"

    I guess he was unreasonable