Friday, July 23, 2010

Finding a Kingdom big enough for ambition

Its official I am obsessed with Alexander. So here is what I did. I had an argument with my hubby over the fact that any revolution or conquest is caused by indignation and provocation.

In the case of Alexander too, it was a result of the provocation caused by his mother Olympias and his teacher Aristotle. Alexander was taught about the great Greek empire and how the world should be one. So he went on his conquests to realize what he had been taught. Another reason was his insecurity about his throne, his father married the beautiful Cleopatra and if she were to bear him a son, he would automatically become a Macedonian heir. As life would have it, some say he planned the assassination of his father and his mother burned the beautiful Cleopatra with her daughter. And he ruled the world as we know it.

How apt? Isn't it? There is not much difference in our times thanks to the politics in our country. This is one topic, I always steer clear off : politics.

I can tell you a lot of things I have in common with Alexander like his back problem and the fact that I would burn someone alive if they came so much as close to my family to harm them but the only thing that holds of relevance today is: "Is there a Kingdom big enough for my ambition?"

I also stumbled upon thoughts of "What is the word between greed and necessity?". Greed is too flamboyant and necessity is too pathetic. So is there a word between the two? My friend helped me out today morning, calling it desire. And if I have this desire to fulfill my ambition, what all am I ready to do for it? Where does my Kingdom lie? Hmm...

Where does your Kingdom lie? What all are you ready to do to make that Kingdom come alive? What definition would you give to your Kingdom?


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