Tuesday, July 20, 2010

10 Faces and still the same me

It struck me today about how many faces we put on in just one day. Waking up in the morning, greeting different people on the street, I'm a jogging enthusiast. I put on this bright sunny smile. Then while I'm making my way through my class, I'm a student. I put on the face of a serious nerd. As I hit the gym or the pool, I've put on a new face. I'm talking to my mom on the web, and I'm the little girl again. I see my annoying class mate, and I'm a bitch..and this is where it all starts.

There are so many different faces we put up in a day, imagine a lifetime. Do you think may be all of us were born actors? We just never knew how to use this talent but deep down inside we are nothing but players. We keep changing our roles depending on the circumstances that you put us in.

This could be disastrous couldn't it? Did you ever come across a person who kept 10 different faces and the 10th one was what you needed to be afraid off. Its like the mythological character Ravan. I think thats where the mythology came from. May be all of us carry these 10 faces around, the trouble props up when you are unable to integrate them and lose yourself to your worst side.

I had been blamed most of my life for taking out the worst in people. This was not limited to just boyfriends gone sore but by my parents and some friends as well. Here is an answer to that mystery today. All of us carry our worst side, our 10 faces, but the question is at the end of the day how many of you can make all of them answerable to every action of yours?

The day you answer that, there will be no need to feel afraid of the 10 faces you put up in a day because it'll still be you.

Think about it.


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