Monday, July 19, 2010

The curse of monotony

How often do all of you fall under the curse of monotony? When I say this I mean a strict routine that you follow week after week till it almost becomes like a curse on you.

I'm suffering from what I call the monotony curse. I've had the same routine for the past month and a half now. The routine which has my German classes and the gym as permanent fixtures. Meeting the same set of people, having repetitive conversations, having the same drinks, the same hairstyle, all seem like such a drag today.

So, the solution is simple. Its time for a change. How often do all of you suffer from the same "Monotony curse". Here are my ways to spice things up NOW:-

1.Gymming shall be replaced by Aqua-training and water gymnastics.
2.No more wizen beer from now on, only different forms of Radler (Tell me if you need to know more about this drink.)
3.May be add on a new tattoo.( Let me know what I should do this time!)
4.I can't cut my hair again, but I'm going for a new look. (European-ishtyle).
5.No more blogging on my mundane routines( Instead I turn in to a new leaf and read more about what's happening in the world.)
6. No more obsessing with Robert Pattison ( Hell, I need to move on).
7.Get some new music on my play-list.(Pour in some new music for me).

The rest I'll go in by your suggestions. So, all of you, tell me how to break my monotony. I'm sure some of you will come in with some interesting views. Do share.



  1. Working towards a relevant goal is the best way to break monotony. Find something that you want to accomplish and work towards it.

    Invent a robot, travel cross country in hot air balloons, spit across the yard, write a book, do anything that rocks your boat.

    Music: Fools garden -- Lemon Tree

    Blogging: You're pretty good at it. I'd say keep blogging unless it's hindering you in some way.

  2. Thanks..
    I'm going to take on the cross country travel and hot-air balloon seriously :)