Thursday, July 15, 2010

The number fetish

Hey have you ever had a fetish for certain numbers in your life? I have. I have this weird fetish for different numbers, so let me amuse you with some.

I have this benchmark to always score an 80%+ on any test. Now since I'm back in school, I'm regularly assessed with assignments and tests. I couldn't sleep today because I wanted to make sure I'd made that percentage. Well, I did make it and so the blog right now. I have another number game for clothes. I hate recurring numbers here, meaning, I can't seem to repeat what I wear. You would think thats an expensive number fetish to keep, but I usually always find my way around. I have a number game in my life for almost every thing, and quiet frankly I enjoy it. I must have 10 socks always. Just in case I plan to indulge in heavy sports everyday of the week. Hmm..

I'm so amused right now, I'm almost out of words. Do you guys also have a number fetish? A special number you relate to all the time? I always find myself drawn to a 2. Why? I always feel its somehow two people like two eyes, two ears, two nostrils...its a balancing number. And surprisingly it works since I have one spine which gives me all the trouble. Hehe. Ok I'm not high or on any substance but I do want to know, is it just me? Or do all of you have a number fetish.

Write in, amuse me.



  1. Got a fetish for 1 and 7 sometimes.. 7 brings a lot of coincidence in life and 1 a lot of luck .. so 1st,10th,19th,28th are good days to take me out ;)

  2. Well now we talkin':

    I wouldn't deprave my love for numbers by calling it a fetish. I love all kinds of numbers sometimes for a reason, most times for naught.

    For example, among ordinal numbers, I always love the origin (usually 0) cause it's the chosen one. The rest just fall in line.

    Among cardinal numbers, it's infinity. Any questions??

    Nominally, 1 signifies unique like no other. I sometimes wish I could rename myself 1.

    Then there are the in between numbers, the ones that you find helpful in the most unusual circumstances when you least expect them. Just like friends. Pi, Phi, Iota and the gang rescued me in more than a few tricky situations. This one's for you guys!!