Thursday, July 15, 2010

Noble Truth?

Have you ever felt awful about admitting the truth to someone? I just admitted a nasty truth that made me feel very sad. Its funny how we can go on living with a life full of lies so blissfully while certain truths can cause nothing but disruption. How noble is truth then?

How many of you have ever told the person sitting next to you that they stink? How many of us can tell someone openly about their bad breath or their underarm hair? How often can we admit to repulsion? I don't think we can. But if you do try to, be rest assured its the staring of an end.

Its ironic how much importance is given to this thing called "The truth". The minute you admit to someone about the truth, not only do you stand unguarded in front of them but you also have to worry about being judged. Imagine admitting to your parents that you smoke, that you drink or that you have sex. Bang comes the judgement of being a chain smoker, an alcoholic or a sex addict. It could be less brutal things as well. Imagine admitting to someone that you don't really enjoy their company but you are with them for lack of better options. Now this one could really get you in to trouble. My point is that if the truth serves us so much wrath then how is it so noble?

How does one tell the truth if there are so many strings attached to it? Is it really a white colour? Why the over-emphasis on it?

Most importantly the dilemma: How do you survive without it as well?


  1. Telling the truth is soooo overrated...especially if no good can come out of it!!

    I truly believe that not telling the truth is not the same as lying.. :)

    Also, being able to tell someone the truth in a way that doesn't hurt them (like telling someone their breath stinks) is an art!! ;)

  2. Example:-

    If someone's breath smells like they just ate a rotten could:-
    1)Tell them that you overheard the freaking bitch sitting on the next table say that she could smell your friends awful breath from where she's perched..and spend considerable time abusing that *bitch....keep bringing up this incident each time your friend starts to fart from her oral cavity
    2)Buy your friend a lifetime supply of Orbit...if it isn't her birthday yet, just say, "I just love you so much, I couldn't wait for your birthday"
    3) Yell whats that smell, and sniff around like a mastiff till your prutty prutty nose is bang next to her face, and then say..."OH...never mind!!!"
    4)Always carry mint with you. When you find her stanking the place up with her bad breath, just pop one in your mouth and tell her how you believe that friends always share, and stuff one (or ten) in hers
    5) Sing the nursery rhyme "Johnny Johnny..Yes Papa", make sure she sings the kids part...when she reaches the "Ha Ha Ha!" part, take out the mouth freshening spray (or room freshener, industrial strength) as spray it in her mouth.
    Try these...let me know how it goes! Will send you more tips if needed!
    PS - If you're talking about me BIATCH, I will Keeeeel You!
    Love ya!

  3. Dearest Anonymous 2: your suggestions..u missed a point its not the bad breath, its the under arm hair...hehe

    Ok kidding..but both of u missed the point..its a dilemma: How do u live without telling someone the truth also!

  4. havent u heard of 'white lie'?:) sometimes itis better to lie than to tell the truth. Take for instance you know someone is dying of cancer.... would you go and tell them that they are dying?? or would u tell them tht they ll be fine to give them hope? to make them live the remaining life happily? arnt u lying here? and should you not be telling the truth? but you dont right.. because telling the truth here is worst than telling a lie:) so truth is overrated....of course i m not propogating lying here... but I dont agree with Gandhi s philosophy of 'Satyamev Jayte' either:)

  5. @Mayuri: I have a movie for you on cancer and the bitter truth, my sister's keeper. Watch it.