Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lost friends in the sands of time

This is dedicated to all the friends I've lost to their respective better halves, boyfriends/girlfriends, my ego and of course the useless jobs i spoke about in yesterdays blog. How many of you lost your friends due to the same reason?

They say as you go older, you should bring the people who knew you the best, closer. This comes to me today as I miss the only girlfriend I ever could keep in my life. Time and distance has set us in different lands with different lives.

I wonder what will happen to all of us when we turn 30+, will we still rely on Facebook to re-connect with friends? Don't we find those people shady who FB at 40? Are we to become the next hags on Facebook?

I sure hope not. I still enjoy my coffee and drinks with friends and not just a machine by my side. How do I try to dig and build those old relationships? What if we thought about a time in the day when it is not so necessary to be on the phone, with the laptop,on your job or with your better half. A time where we can be our boorish selves all over again. A time to talk philosophies, new ideas or just mere gossip with friends. Pure Bliss.

Somehow I always felt that keeping my best friends close to me was like keeping a check on evolution. They saw how some parts of me grew while others died. And I could keep a check on theirs. It was a mutual way for us to grow.

I wish I could re-connect with some others who are lost somewhere in the world.

Some friends feel like the grains of sand in your hand or like fading memories which were there but at this point are so distant. This goes out to all those friends of mine. You are missed.



  1. I wish we hadn't had that conversation, I'm watching sappy hindi songs now. Awesome profile picture..

  2. I wish we hadn't had that conversation, I'm watching sappy hindi songs now.

  3. well true friends stick around no matter what... those who go were never meant to be...and as they say 'change is constant'... you cant have anyone permanently on your life not even your family:) life is a journey ... you meet new people different people.. learn something form them, some of them come along with you maybe because their destination is on your way... but pating is inevitable:)

  4. Yes, I agree. But, you see there is always a reason behind every event in our lives.

    If you retrospect, and find that the reasons behind the parting were never under your control - you can't blame yourself. But if you feel it was because of lack of commitment towards nurturing your friendship - there is no harm in taking on the initiative to rebuild the friendship that you lost out on over so many years.