Monday, July 12, 2010

Useless jobs

I'm fed up with the whole world in general. Its sad but everyone today is trapped in a vicious circle of useless jobs. I really want to know how many of you love your job and think what you're doing today is adding any value to you and only you.

We all start at school, where they tell us about how education is important for a better tomorrow. We go to college where we learn formulas that we think will make a better tomorrow. But really, who are we making a better tomorrow for? Our parents, the society, the country, who??

Most of us are caught in jobs that just pay for our entertainment. Some of us will live our whole lives to provide for just that entertainment and sustain. Can any of us ever step out of the sustainment pattern. What happened to being selfish? What happened to visionaries who were never moved by any system. Can any average person with an above average talent, void of inheritance, really make it on their own?

The disturbances that have caught me thinking this way is that today someone really close to me might decide to give up on their dream to land a HR job because people refuse to see true passion or credentials. Some of my friends complained on how they could never realize their true talent because there is a system that will not let them do that.I'm no exception, not yet. I know the reason I get to do what I do, its because I'm not in the system.Use less people everywhere take up jobs meant for you and me. We do their jobs. And the cycle goes on.

Is there a way to get out of this rat race and just be who you are. Can one stand out exceptionally based on just their passion? Are revolutionaries really dead in an ever-evolving world?



  1. No, no & yes respectively to the above questions!!!:(

  2. See it is perspective. If everybody is a visionary then who will be the followers. There is only one leader. Right?

    Secondly in India, especially India, since our childhood we are impressed upon to do the right thing - that too 'societally'. We are not encouraged to do things incorrectly and then learn from them. We are encouraged to take the easier path. There in lies the problem. No matter how good a basket player you are or a drummer for that matter - your parents will push you to top the engineering and take up a job at Infosys or TCS. I mean no offense to Infosys or TCS but that is what it is today. Youth of today is scared to go hungry - b'coz they have seen beggars on the street. That is what we have been again and again told by our parents "this is what will happen (begging on railway stations) if we pursue our passion. Plus you see your school friends or your seniors buying cars or houses - pushes you to automatically assume that the path that they have chosen could be the RIGHT one for you.

    Thirdly the courage is not in taking the plunge to pursue one's passion, but the true courage lies in sustaining it to keep pursuing it. B'coz excellence rather than success doesn't keep easy and calls to fight multiple battles. And in Indian Society there are multiple battles to fight! And this brings me to the second point where people give in to the multiple pressures acting on them.

    It is a very delicate issue with me - so if you would like we could discuss it offline. :)

  3. Too many factors didi, luck, scores, like mr./miss anonymous said the courage to pursue your passion with the same intensity.

    All my life i thought honesty,sincerity,generosity are more important than shrewed politics, viscousness and money. I guess that is not the case.

    Those with true talent are not willing to take any responsibility because they themselves are unsure of what lies ahead, how long can they shirk responsibility? then, they can either give up on their passion or responsibilities of the material world (car, house, wife, children etc.)

    In a country where talented people outnumber the opportunities and where people can get a job only by means of recommendations it is tough to find a fine balance

    PS: Sad fact of the day, 2 data entry operators who are on contract in my organizations are MBA'S in finance.
    It is so fucking sad.

  4. Dear Anonymous, you are anonymous, how exactly do you want me to take this offline with you?

  5. Yes I know....Actually it happened by mistake... I was so into the discussion post that I completely forgot to punch in my name... This is Esha here...