Friday, July 9, 2010

Moral issues

Most of you have known me, i refer to whoever reads in my blog everyday, i have a question for you on morality and principles. Usually i would have talked about this with my friends and would have never admitted to any guilt. Confession of a guilt charges you to judgement automatically.

Ok so what is it that is killing me right now. Well, I have some unusual amount in my bank balance that I am pretty sure doesn't belong to me. A few weeks back suddenly a huge amount appeared out of nowhere. I've worked in the banking system for sometime to know that this is a common mistake especially with third party cheques. People mess up with digits.

The issue with an amount like that and keeping it is the temptation. Although its an offshore account so its barely accessible to me. Its still on my mind.

This is probably a smaller temptation, there may be bigger temptations later in life. Can such things be kept in the grey? Life is so much easier in black and white, isn't it? Isn't there something called as Karma?

Hmm..for those of you who read this today, kindly put in all your comments on what you would do and please do it anonymously. I don't want to know what you really think, i just want a consensus.

Think and then Cheers!!


  1. Keep the amount! All this is a part of life..think of all those times where you have lost money unfairly on something...this is gods or fates way of paying you back.


  2. You-dont-know-me...a friend's friend :)July 9, 2010 at 6:28 PM

    I hate to say this, but I say, you return it. I wondered what I would do if I were in ur shoes(right after wondering why such things NEVER happen to me!!!)
    I'd have kept it, but then I would have blamed ALL the bad things that woulda taken place in my life later on (which they invariably would), on this one incident and then I would wish I never had done it.
    Besides, I'd be jealous as hell if you keep it!

  3. I hate to say this Shuch, especially since the thought of extra cash in one's account is always so tempting, but I would return it.

    Knowing you, keeping the cash would weigh heavily on your conscience for a long time. I do believe in karma, for sure! Returning the cash to the rightful owners would not only make you feel better (trust me, it time), but your honestly will pay back.

    Also, more than karma, fate,'s about principle.

    You know what to do love!!!

  4. well i think you should return it......because if u put yourself in the other persons shoes... it could be someone s life savings, or for saving someone s life.. or just some one s reallly hard earned money and imagine his/her state of mind..... think of yourself in such a situation. so if there is any way u can return it, you should:)

  5. i say wait and watch...! if it matters so much to anyone.... they'll discover the mistake and rectify it....!
    if they don't... then i guess you gotta take it as a serendipitous event and thank your stars and enjoy the MONEYYYYYYYYY........!!!!!!
    another way is to send it to your poor brother so that he can come visit you...! :P

  6. Money balances of in ur life automatically, the moeny u hv lost in ur past , this could be the balancing act.Dont play GOD an return the money.All who says you shd return the money ..share my bank account!!!! cheers!!!

  7. If you are ready to answer whom u see in the mirror every day, then you should keep the money... otherwise do what u and ur name stands for...

    Anyone who says otherwise is an idiot!!!

  9. Ok, forgetting about morality for a second. Just from a legal standpoint, that money is pretty much a ticking time bomb. You should move as quickly as possible to resolve the error and get yourself out of this mess.

    Deposits, unlike cash have a strong audit trail attached. The money you think has come in by accident may be a way to park funds in your account with full knowledge that recovery is assured. In case you spend the amount, the bank will later rectify the error and you'll be left with a major debit in your account for which you are legally liable. In any case, keeping the transaction open is not an option.