Thursday, July 8, 2010

Misadventures in a day

I'm still moping around after yesterdays loss at the match. The only thing to cheer me up are the flowers by my side and the red wine in the fridge. What you people must know are the misadventures of the night. This is how the series of events turned in to a nightmare.

I did my usual homework from school, went to gym on time etc etc, just to watch the screening of the match in a park. By the time me and my hubby darling got there, there was absolutely no place to sit or to stand. We somehow got glimpses of the match by a tree. They messed up my drink and I got sloppy pommes, which by the way are my favorites while watching a game of football. Not only was the game slow but this strange woman kept hitting on my hubby and bumming smokes from him. Needless to say after Spain's first goal I decided it was time to head back before I burst in to tears in public. You see emotions under the influence of alcohol are rather brutal. Also for a first timer like me who doesn't watch any game, it was pure tragedy.

After waiting an hour on the bus stop, we realized we were on the wrong stop. To make up for it, we decided to walk, only to realize that all the next bus stops were having no service. After still trying our luck at a bus stop, some German kids were kind enough to tell us that all the "Bus drivers are fuckers" and won't show up. We walked for an hour and a half, by which time I thought that our bladders were about to burst all thanks the beer.

If things hadn't gone bad already, I made BAD food and read the BAD comments on FB. Obviously I was thrashed on FB too..

So, this leaves me with only a few choices, I am NOT:-
1.Going for any more public screenings.
2.Going to watch any games as usual.
3.Going to be boisterous on FB.

Let me sleep on all these and sulk in my sorrows for now.

No Cheers!!

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  1. didi - big hug and coffee for ya....!!!! :)