Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The MAD bday BASH

Alright so you all want to know about the MAD MAD Bday bash. And this is how it all went. After having brought an entire new wardrobe and spending oodles of Euros, all it took to stir things up were a couple of great drinks.

The Bday started with us entering the favorite club of our friend called "The Party place". After a few shots of neat JD and Jag, we were not only dancing amongst ourselves but getting others including the bartenders grooving to the music. Being with single mates always means trying to get them some booty too, which we tried but ahem..we didn't get. As the night went crazier, all of us also tried our luck with pole dancing, luckily at the same time, they pressed the smoke machines so our lame acts got covered in a haze. Nothing killed our spirit, not even the lame act of some guys asking me to dance. The only consolation dancing in Amsterdam was that no guy hit on my hubby which usually happens back home in Germany. So with tons of free shots from DJs, to bartenders, to girls, we rounded up our first day.

The second night was after the victory of Germany Vs Argentina. As you all know by now, we kicked some royal ass that day. My party started with the first goal with a round of beer, followed by some wine to give company to a friend's French friends, followed by 2 Jag shots. By the time I reached "The Party place", I was already a "Disco" my head. I think my Salsa-ing and discoing sent away the French chicks and got some real nasty boys celebrating a bachelor party our way. Needless to say the boys automatically became my brothers, real best chums etc etc. After still some salsa-ing and another round of drinks,the drinks hit us bad and we decided its best to go home. Though I still felt I could have gotten a lap dance, had I pestered more.

The next day, we did "our" lunch with the ultimate sky cake. What happened an hour later was that I was in a train buzzzzzzing. The Buzz was so bad, that I could make out logic of why the German technology is the greatest. Don't ask me now, cause I'll probably need another sky cake to tell you.

So, after 100s of euros, n 100s of drinks, I finally decided to call it a birthday. But, hey did I tell you, my sisters just send me a bottle of red wine and flowers, so seems the party continues..

Whoa!! I love MY BDAYS..!!

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  1. A - Its called the Party Crew Cafe

    B - Thanks for publicly announcing that your friend (Who was also incidentally celebrating his bday too) went back without any Booty :(

    C - There seems to be no mention of the Punjabi songs played specially for us, with the chant... "Indiaaaa in the house"

    D - Thanks yet again for revealing the failed attempts of some people and scaring away of some

    E - No mention of paunnnn phatne tak ki party

    :) :)

  2. totally agree with anonymous Sareen here.........
    and atleast some one got some touch.............

  3. Hahahahaha..see i always leave out blanks for you guys to fill in.
    @Anonymous: I thought you were waiting for the right girl to come by coz u did seem to get some booty actually a lot of it.
    @Mrigank: I think then u were the one to scare those people off :P!