Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Free hugs and nuclear reactors

I have always been fascinated by the music videos advertising "free hugs" in a city. I know almost everything to do with the five senses is inspired by real life. Yesterday I had a chance to live it through.
Stuttgart almost boasts of its snob crowd and coldness so a group of people running around the King's Street offering free hugs was such a breath of fresh air.Ofcourse they had to get some from me. I'm all in for spreading warmth,sunshine and positive energy even if it means embarassiny myself in front of the snooties of Stuttgart. The only strange or not so strange part was that they had very few takers. Why?

I can't understand in a world where beer costs money and has a hundred thousand takers; free hugs have no takers. People putting themselves out there need guts, I know I've been there. But people falling in to their arms don't need guts. Weird are the ways of the world.

I know there are the more expressive,the less expressive and the non expressive. I just think each time someone kills their own and someone else's expression, they are creating a world of nuclear reactors. The reactors that will explode because of dormant feelings and non-humanness. (Wow another word invention!)

Well although I have nothing against beer, I do have something against nuclear reactors and I wish people would realize the joys of hugs and human expressions! So touch, feel,listen,see and smell and try to live a little bit more ;-)

Cheers to morning coffee!

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