Monday, September 10, 2012

Angels that flew without wings

And then God decided to create these angels who would walk this earth without their wings. Yes, some angels were made to create on this earth. They always walked with a smile on their face, some cheer to spread around and a spirit that seemed to sore higher than most birds flying in the sky.

I've lived some pretty amazing moments these past couple of days. My hiking tour made me realize how little food or water or materialistic things one needs to have a good time. Good company and good music make up for most of the joys life has to offer. Being one with nature also makes you understand life a little better. It brings you closer to life than all the brightness of the city lights( And I don't mean that in a bad way, since I am the city girl who loves her city lifestyle.)

City tours with little bubbles and frisbees flying around. (Spreading the cheer around the city!)

My little evenings, excursions and barbecues have also made me indulge in to people. Some of who are so talented and hardworking that they want to make me try harder in life for everything. The girl behind the camera makes me look so innocent and vulnerable, I almost try to imagine I could be like that! The people with the sense of humor to break the toughest day in to giggles, make me want to liven my own spirit a little bit. The love and cheer around me recently, has caused my heart a new dizzy, to believe in the passion, I sometimes tend to overlook.

My "Art" guru and his exhibition make me so proud that today I almost believe that angels are as close to me as have ever been.

I wonder what people tend to strive for so hard all their lives when all I see is the beautiful life that is so close to me and all mine. As I walked along the Bodensee on Saturday, I saw diamonds thrown across the little lake, the sails looked like angels hovering around the earth with their white wings signaling, we are being looked after. The sunsets, the colors of the sky....the European summer....sigh..I wish I could capture it for just a bit longer.

I think this has been one of the best summers of my life and I've made the most of it. I've picked up some new things as usual. The hiking, the biking, the BBQing( if there is such a word), a little guitar,a new group of coffee lovers and some angels to take with me on my journey ahead..

Cheers to all the angels flying without the wings in my life :)

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