Monday, June 18, 2012

The degenerative Mind

It doesn't take you many books, many people or a lifetime to get to know the difference between progression and degeneration. My partner recently read "The immortals of Meluha" and he quoted a small example of what has been tormenting my mind for days now, "The good vs the evil". He said that the book spoke about how the good and the evil reside in one body. When you come across different people, you derive their good or their evil, build upon them and make the bigger evil or the good. Now, take that to the multitudes of people you come across in a lifetime and you may be able to build upon the biggest evil or good.

Why I talk about this today is that it really disturbs me to see, how some people can never ever see the positive of anything. Show them a painting, they will tell you only how it doesn't have even lines or colors. Show them a book and all they would do is criticize, talk to them about ideas and philosophies, all they can do is let you down.Make them listen to music and all they have to do is compare and potty talk. Take them to a game and see them snort and snigger at not being able to get the best view. It's a constant war of progression vs degeneration. Isn't it?

In a day like today, I had the misfortune to come across many of these dirty dwelling irritants. The ones that irked me the most were the one's who did mud slinging at Satyamev Jayate, pin pointed unnecessary flaws in a system, they don't like but don't want to change or can't change because of their willingness to exist in to nothingness. (Yes, they will make no difference to your lives because they decide to fade in to life itself).I came across some inhibitors too, the kind who refuse to listen and will kill every idea of yours because they want you to believe what they think is the golden truth of life(These kind can even delude your thoughts and extinguish them).I also came across "positive" criticism (why does that word even exist?!?) on the way people think that others have limited knowledge and should read more and live more! If everyone out there is so smart and positive, then my question is : Why even complain?

I don't propagate or trash any philosophies( I definitely can't, I'm not that smart or gifted), which I agree may not be the only way to progress but I do believe that one does have the options to either cut themselves off or to take a step back and listen. From what I know, listening can't really harm you. And what if you just listen up close, take in what you have to and move on rather than literally "Shit" over someone else? (Find yourself and your sorry lives a pot people!)

I just wish we could all propagate "The thinking man"..rather than condemning him. Why do we let this degeneration prevail and will it ever stop? Shouldn't it get eliminated by Darwin's theory of "Survival of the fittest?" And Oh! Is that also a degenerative thought?

Hmm...I guess this is the point where Atlas must have shrugged too...


  1. Completely agree with you about people who can not stop complaining. I find such people so tiresome and hard to have a conversation with!

    On the note of Satyamev Jayate, clearly the people involved did not feel up to a healthy debate. They were like "eh, whatever, you kids don't know what you're talking about". I gave it some thought, and I feel like the older generation is a little more sensitive about the issue that was brought up in the email than our generation is. I think that's fair, given that they have had first hand experience of religion based violence. I thought about how an American would feel if s/he donated money to Oprah, and found out that it is going build madrasas in afghanistan. I suppose they would not feel very good about it, knowing that madrasas are often used by the taliban to brainwash and make terrorists out of little kids, instead of actually educating them. Especially, if this whole thing is being kept under wraps by Oprah.

    That email was total shit written by some lunatic to undercut Aamir Khan's message (oh the horror if their bahu talks back when she is asked to abort her girl child) and to polarize people on the basis of religion to win votes. But this is how I tried to make sense of what was going through other people's minds who were trying to defend and find logic in the content of that email.

    I'm going to leave this as an anonymous message, but I hope you know who I am :)

    Feels good to vent my thoughts here.

  2. I know who you are and thanks for reading ;) I felt much better after writing this too..felt like I could express and may be get through to people who are more receptive than reactive. I love what you said about polarization of people and the political agenda behind it all. I wish others could be as intuitive..sigh!