Friday, May 21, 2010

Obla Di Obla Da

"Obla Di Obla goes on"

Did you know that this song is actually sung by the Beatles. Well, I didn't since we have a desi version of this song. Lord praise the inspirations of all our original Hindi music directors. Now we can run on a debate of sorts here. But i can swear some of your compositions from A.R. Rehman also seem like an inspiration from African music. Again no offense to the great Rehman or his fans.

After last night's attempt to sadness. Yes, i say attempt, because as most of you know, I hate the feeling and have often teased my peers for being bums to let this emotion even seep in. I got an appreciation to my sad cooking and lousy painting after my hubby darling returned from work.

My sister correctly put it in one of the comments last night. May be most of us have become uncomfortable with ourselves. At-least I have. Why do we look for attention or appreciation. Van Gogh for instance was criticized throughout his life for being a loon. In-fact the villagers from his village had cut off his ears. He was also discovered only after his death. Well, hopefully I won't suffer the same fate. Its a blessing in disguise to be the master of your own time. One should only know how to use it to their advantage.

I've decided to go easy on myself today. Not follow a routine and may be take on the advise of my sister a little too seriously.

I have a few friends coming in today and we plan on sight seeing the Alps tomorrow. So hopefully, i will give you guys a break from reading my random thoughts and listening to long forgotten music. Have a great weekend people! Until more thoughts compel me to connect again!


  1. Good going sis...!
    I have another option for ya - since you are in one of the most picturesque locations on the planet, and have one of the keenest eyes for all things beautiful that I have seen, WHY DON'T YOU BUY YOURSELF A GOOD SLR AND START PHOTOGRAPHY...???
    I'm sure its something you are gonna get hooked on to once you get over your fear of technology (read complex cameras and their innumerable modes...!)
    But give it a shot...!
    Have a lovely time in the Alps...!
    Love ya both...

  2. Here's something for your reference -

    So once you are through with your "Fairy Ride" this weekend - I need an update....!


  3. I agree with would be an excellent hobby..:) and then you can send us all the pictures so we can vicariously enjoy the Alps through you! :)

  4. Yeah, I am working on that as well, i think next month a camera is definitely due. Till then you guys can see the pics through my hello kitty cell camera :)

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  6. Qaz y did u remove your post????

  7. I concur..

    And I have a film for you.. (500) Days of Summer.. i can't explain it.

  8. qazi..i saw 500 days of summer last winter..i know there is something about that movie, that made me like it, i know its brain dead n all, but i really liked it..