Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lonely nights

This will probably be my last post for the day today. I'm high on JD and coke zero now. The only reason i write is due to the encouragement in the readership. My hubby is late today and I've made a lousy dinner. I'm a complete failure when it comes to cooking. I wish I had a personal chef. I have no interest what so ever in either eating or cooking but I do it merely to kill time and of-course survival.

My day today was a complete bore where i indulged in a rather sloppy painting and now a sloppy dinner to top it all. Our parents are to blamed to put this stupid emphasis on getting married and cooking. This is true especially for the Indian girl child!

So, with my language course being pushed up to next week, i have another boring day ahead tomorrow. Seriously, what do people do without a job. How do they kill time and why am i a complete nuisance at whiling away. I almost threatened to leave my hubby today for lack of better things to do.

If you guys are reading this, please suggest some more ways to spend my pent up energy. I've already killed myself in the gym, painted, written, read a couple of pages of a book and of-course cooked a lousy meal! Yuck! And i can still run a marathon. May be i'll have to register myself for one or join an active terrorist group! The last bit I'm kidding about, don't want to get arrested and spend my time with a bunch of loons as yet!


  1. yeah, don't even joke about such things Shuchi didi.

    Try baking cupcakes, brownies, cookies, Navdeep will love you for it! I'm sure you can find egg-replacer in the store there, it works like a charm.

    I hope that entices you!

  2. I can send you a couple of recipes that I have mastered..

    PS - Follow me back

  3. oye didi...!!!
    Start exploring the city... tire yourself out... go to a coffee place and sit and read a book... spend the day outside, watch a movie...!

  4. Try the local art galleries. I'm sure they can provide you with plenty of inspiration for your own work. Maybe you can even work on getting ready for an exhibition.

  5. U r MAD or what?

    Dont talk shit, Im always online..dont look for a routine..let things just happen..go with the flow..nothingness is actually a good state to be in. We have become slaves of clocks and alarms. Its sad that we cant enjoy the time god gives us. Its pathetic that as an adult we need an office to give stability and regularity to our lives..may be thats y there are no Van-Goghs and Platos today.
    Wen want to work for some one, live for some one, try living for yourself.Thinking for yourself it seems is a waste of time.
    We our getting uncomfortable withourselves, funny but true.
    Mean while I'll prepare a list of activities for u on Excel over the weekend, if thats wat u really want, but please be happy, live in leisure.

    Dont be sad, I hate seeing u like this. HOnestly I mean it.

    I want a happier blog the next time around!

  6. @Qaz: I'll pass your recipes.
    @Nene: Hehe..i don't like cooking and just for the record, Navdeep, is the best things that has happened to me, my parents and my sister. So, no way will i let a good catch go :)
    @Angie: I'll take up your option today.
    @Farfromnormal: I am certain about putting up an exhibition next summer.
    @Shaivi: Are you trying to steal my blog space, you are so good with words, why not be a co-author? I'll love to have u on board and yeah do send me that list over the weekend!

  7. Hmm...I was talking about not joking about the terrorist part because uncle sam crawls the web for such activity (I'm just paranoid) :)

    Yeah, I read that you don't like cooking, so I was trying to entice you with baking!

    Hey, can you guys get a dog there?

  8. @Nene: Yeah, i know i shouldn't have joked about that part. As it is we have been using torrents, which Sandhu warned me is illegal!
    About the dog part, yeah Sandhu suggested the same last night. And the best part is you can take your pets even to school :)