Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No sunshine

The morning brings no sunshine today, which adds to my list of disappointments since yesterday.

I'd applied for some part time jobs online but as it turns out, German as a language is a mandate everywhere. Also, when i called up people inquiring about language courses, none of them were able to understand English. So, that leads me to another visit to the language centers. Have I told you I already made 3 other visit for language courses which were too expensive. Anyway, I shall have to figure out all this too soon. I'm determined to do an animation course more than ever now.

Hey, i did get inspired to paint yesterday. Took me sometime to look around and then to finally settle down for a sketch of my guy. It had two advantages, it was easy because I'm in love and secondly, being smothered by him when he saw it on my desk.(:-)

Today I'll spend more time with my paint brushes than my pencils.

By the way I saw this movie "The graduate" last night. I don't think a movie like that would work in today's time. No offense but its way too complicated and people are way sicker today.

The sun seems to be coming out and I have my whole day ahead. I think I'll get on with it now.


  1. I suggest you give Rosetta Stone a try!!

  2. Also, start learning German swear words!!

  3. Thanks ill give Rosetta stone a try and i don't think learning swear words will get me anywhere.

  4. Rosetta stone is expensive as hell.. Try interacting with fellow German housewives and get them to teach you stuff