Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Late morning

Waking up late is an art which i have come to master only in Germany. Since in Delhi or in Bangalore my routine use to be waking up by 6.30, dashing to the gym and then to office. Of course what i did in office was irrelevant to me since i was never passionate about finance unless it involved my very own stocks.

How did i get to mastering this art, watching movies late night. By the way i did watch this beautiful movie last night called, "My sister's keeper". The name got me since I had once read a moving novel, "The memory keepers daughter". The movie talks about how a young cancer patient battles out with life and wants to let go and her mom wouldn't let go. I think mothers all over the world have a hard time loosening the umbilical cord. It's a big tear jerker of a movie. I don't remember sobbing so much since the movie "Black". Catch this movie only if you are strong at heart and hopefully with a few girls.

I've got to run around now to:
1. Register myself for German courses.
2. Register myself for part time jobs (I've seen a great animation institute and I'm determined to get in it by the September semester)

Today there will be lots later! Hopefully..

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