Friday, May 17, 2013

The crazy times of silence and hackers

In all these times of web blasts, twitters, face book likes and other social media platforms, what catches my attention most is the silence of firms and certain forums.

Recently I attended the less publicized events like a "Silent Friday" which took place on a Thursday and was less than silent. It was one of these concerts held by the owners of one of my favorite coffee houses in Stuttgart called the Galao. The concert was also on a less than known cafe, Cafe Merlin. The concept was simple, it was targeted at office goers, who didn't want to get sloshed on a week night, the place was a bar less known, and the performers were less airy, a group of young musicians caught in a city less public too. Sweet and simple. There were cushions on the floor as a seating arrangement. No food and a pint of beer or a glass of wine were the only little options you had. The night turned in to an overwhelming evening as the music flowed through the small room and the whispering crowds drowned in to the strong music of the struggling artists in Stuttgart.

Another such event I found worth mentioning was the work of the nerds! Yes, I love the nerds as I consider myself as one. It was the work of our hacker community in Stuttgart at a place called "Shack's space". Another less than known event. The nerds gathered in a dingy place painted by street artists, surrounded by computers to hear another newbie in town. The music wasn't of my taste but the evening was so awesome as the hacker's took us in to their labs and showed their abrupt experiments. A new definition to the “cool” factor in Stuttgart.

In a city where the word "culture" and "bio-" never seems to go un-noticed, the little less publicized events seem to take the cake-away. So you have the art galleries, the museum nights, the high-flying concerts, the animation film festivals and then you have these small events that just make your evening worth grinning about. You feel a little cooler!!

This city will never end to surprise me and the opportunities it offers if you have the right spirit ;)  .Can't wait to see what 'less-publicized' event I end up in tonight!

Cheers to a wonderful Friday evening!

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