Wednesday, August 1, 2012

And then she looked at the moon....

The power supplies in the city went dead, dead as the lights out of the dying soul and she looked out of her window to see the moon.

Today the city didn't need a street light, the earth didn't require it's usual set of power back ups. As she looked up to the sky, she could almost see a hand reaching out of the white light, it almost seemed like someone was calling out to her, to save her save her soul, that she had been fighting for all her life. It all made sense in the moment. There was a life beyond the bounds of the planet, she once called home. The moon had now transformed itself in to a window, a window bringing in the light in to the darkness of a dying city devoid of all life form.

Nature looked so pristine and pure under the moon-light. Was that the solution she had been looking change her planet? To fly away in to the glory of something better, a better life, a better future....

As she looked away for a moment, closing her eyes and welcoming the hands calling out to her through the moon-light..the moment was lost. There was no such was just imagination. Reality struck by scientific knowledge that the moon was no window to a better planet but just an ordinary rock being glorified by the stars around it. The darkness fell back over the city as the clouds swallowed the moon. The light that once seemed so magical lost in to a translation of grey clouds. The little rhythms of the crickets being taken over by the howls of the owls and bats in the background.

The glimmer of hope that the moonlight struck with her were lost in a mere blink of reality. The foolish kid looked on hoping to see the magic again..when again..she didn't know.....

Why does everything so magical have to be so temporary..she thought..

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