Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hope beyond Madness

Helllllooos. So after my scorching trip back (thanks to all the heat and the "hot" people), I have an enormous number of thoughts surrounding me. The good thing about meeting different types of people is that you get a larger view of your country than you could have imagined. Being talkative helps A LOT.

In my recent trip back home, I was as usual overwhelmed by the warmth of the people and the heat in my favorite city. I was also taken aback at the pace of life. Yes, coming from a town like Stuttgart, you tend to forget that people could be on the job 24*7. The MNCs in my country have stolen my sisters to start with. Yes, even when they are not on the job, they are either talking about it or checking the updated emails on their phones. I wish I could buy these companies :))! The other amazement was the "Mall" culture. Oh yeah, people have money to spend like everything on sale or not is absolutely for free. The irony of the "Malls" and "Five-stars" is that a lot of them are surrounded by slums. On one side, you will see "The Audis" and "The BMWs" and on the other side, don't be surprised to see the slum children playing with the car tyres! I think this could also be the reason why so many people in our country are drinking now. Well, I did and while I was drunk, I often spoke about "The growing rape cases, the corruption in our country, the population outburts...etc etc." It's so much easier to cloud the reality when you are so drunk and gone. While, the lists of irony in my life kept getting higher with the number of drinks I had and the amount I thought about what to do in life, the good company in my visit kept me grounded.

In midst of my "high flying" moments, I could not ignore the generosity of people, whether it be the fact that my friend in Mumbai came to the airport to pick me up in an Auto! (Who does that??), or my friend flying down from Bglore to visit me or my sister for once ignoring everything to make me have a "Grand time". The simple conversations by Marine drive or the pedestal in Green Park or the surprise celebrations at TC. The HRC night for Music Basti or midnight conversations. Honestly, you may find a stable, sober and slow living anywhere in the world but that ultimate madness mixed with "Hope", the "Hope" that makes me think about my country all the time in terms of the love people have to give is "Priceless"....

Thanks to my beautiful sisters and my ever-loving friends..thanks for the "Princess Treatment"...

I "Hope" that with all the madness that I just experienced, I can find some meaning in my life and reduce the number of ironies I continue to live with...


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  1. Seems like you had a ball! At the same time... Keep Writing (wanted to say.. 'Walking'.. but anyways :)) About the state of affairs in the country.. shall talk soon!