Friday, May 14, 2010

The first Post

Ok, the reason why i start this post is because somehow..i always manage to find my way to a window, where i think, sometimes aloud, sometimes in my head.

This one in particular starts in Germany, reason : well i have more time to think now than to probably speak aloud.

To give you guys a start for those who know me and for those who don't..people always mattered more to me than places could ever, so if I'm sitting here in Germany being from India somehow holds shit regard to me than what Indians would feel coz I still am and will be a foreigner for them till time do us all apart. Of-course we still all may like the same daaru or the same cigarettes but deep down, I'm still the unparalleled Goddess in India which I can never be here.

Imagine having a Bai do everything for you, right from waking you up, to cleaning your utensils, ironing your clothes, cooking, are spoilt..spoilt for choices blaring their horns at the look of your sedan..

So here I am to doing everything myself and facing all those routines i love it in a developed i hate it..but thats going to you'll see in the entries to come..


  1. I love how this page has everything except your post in German!